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[Fsuk-manchester] Re: SFD CD, done at last!

From: Leslie I'Anson
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] Re: SFD CD, done at last!
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 10:55:04 +0100

Dan, you're a gem, thank you. I definitely owe you a another couple of
paints. Have a nice time in the States; I'm looking forward to reading
the blog posts.

Thanks again and bye for now,

On 12/09/2009, Dan Lynch <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> Just wanted to let you know the CD's done and I've put the details at
> http://ratholeradio.org/freecd/ There's links to the image files and also
> information about the track listing and all the rest of it. Hope you like it
> and find it entertaining. I was careful to make sure it doesn't contain
> swearing (more challenging than I thought) and it's all properly licensed.
> There is one quick occurrence of the word "ass", but I didn't want to drop a
> great track just for that. Hope you don't mind. If anyone should ask it's
> referring to a donkey. It's a legitimate word.
> Good luck with the event, I hope this helps in some way. If you need
> anything else just let me know :)
> See ya
> Dan

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