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Re: [manchester-coworking] An idea for more structured co-working

From: Simon Wheatley
Subject: Re: [manchester-coworking] An idea for more structured co-working
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 14:52:06 +0000
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Paul Robinson wrote:
How about this: we grab a space (MDDA is fine) one day a month. BarCamp style, people are encouraged to turn up with an idea of a project they need help with, or an idea they want to make happen (but realise on their own they can't do), or an area they need some expertise in. Examples: I really need some help with SEO and where to start with learning about it; I've just thought of a great service we could build together...; The business plan for this project I'm working on needs some creative input

Sounds interesting. I'd come along one day a month and pitch in with that. I think some degree of pre-day organisation might be worthwhile... but then that's what Wiki's are for isn't it?


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