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Re: [manchester-coworking] See you all today around 10am!

From: Ian Moss
Subject: Re: [manchester-coworking] See you all today around 10am!
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 11:57:24 -0000
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So first thanks to Matt for organising yesterday.
Was fun to meet a few new people and put faces to names I've seen about before.

I was wondering what people felt about it - did you get as much work done as normal ?
Did you benefit from being around more people than normal ?

Personally I had a good day. If I'm being honest I wasn't as productive as normal mind, but I wasn't really thinking I would, but luckily did get a couple of things done.

Myself and Andy have put a few details on an extra page on the wiki started by Matt@

It would be good to get a few others opinions on there.

It might be there's only a case for 4 or 5 people who are regulars with an extra couple of people who are into the idea more for an occasional hot desk / being around a few more people than a normal day. It might be there's a case for an setup for 10 people. Who knows ??? Opinions ??? (Additions to the Wiki ?)



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