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[Fsfe-freedom] The four freedoms of F.S.

From: neryel
Subject: [Fsfe-freedom] The four freedoms of F.S.
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 14:34:37 +0200
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hmmm, I'm not sure I shoud say it in french, so an english version is at
bottom :-) )
Bonjour !
Les 4 libertés sont, si je me souviens bien :
0) Liberté d'utiliser le programme
1) Liberté de le redistribuer
2) Liberté de modifier les sources et de les étudier
3) Liberté de redistribuer une version modifiée du programme


The four freedoms are, if I remember correctly :
0) Freedom to use & execute the program
1) Freedom to redistribute the program
2) Freedom to modify/study the program sources
3) Freedom to distribute a modified version of the program

Frédéric HENRY

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