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[Fsfe-freedom] oppose Copyright Act reform in Canada!

From: Wolfgang Sourdeau
Subject: [Fsfe-freedom] oppose Copyright Act reform in Canada!
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 13:56:17 -0400
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The Canadian Government is considering reforming the Canadian Copyright Act
and to adapt it to the "new technologies" such as the Internet.

In practice this mean they plan to align the act with the US DMCA and
more generally to the WIPO treatites of 1997.
Quoted from their website:
"New WIPO Treaties

In December 1997, the Canadian government signed two new international
treaties, one on copyright (i.e., authors and creators) and one on neighbouring
rights (i.e., performers and producers of sound recordings). Signature of these
treaties signals the Government's commitment not to derogate from the
principles embodied therein. These were the first intellectual property
treaties to address the digital network environment, by setting out provisions

  * create a new exclusive right in favour of copyright owners, including sound
    recording producers and performers, to make their works available on-line
    to the public;
  * prevent the circumvention of copyright protection (i.e., as technology is
    developed to protect copyright, circumvention of such protection would be
    made illegal; and,
  * prohibit tampering with rights management information.

The Government held consultations in 1998 on amendments that would be required
if Canada were to ratify these treaties."

If you are Canadian, please take effective actions against those reforms.
More informations about this reform can be read here:

Non-Canadian could give us some help too, for example by relating their
experience with similar cases.

If you are interested in joining us in this fight, please subscribe to the
mailing-list we've setup, by sending a message to
address@hidden, in order to discuss ideas and strategies to

Please, join us in this effort!


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