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[Fsfe-freedom] Free software Freedom.

From: Helios de Creisquer
Subject: [Fsfe-freedom] Free software Freedom.
Date: 13 Jul 2001 21:44:02 +0200

Hi !

I just saw the 'Ils connaissent la liberte' page on
FSF Europe... I'd like to know the liberty, me too :-)

So here is what i think to be the four basic liberties
given by Free Software:

A free software:
 - can be used (that is to say, executed) for every purpose.
 - can be redistributed the way you want.
 - the sources are available and can be modified for better match personnal 
 - modified code can be released so others can use it.

All of this made me happy when I discovered this way of thinking...

Errr, I'm sorry for my very bad english for what is not purely technical
stuff ;-)...


Hélios    de    Creisquer
mail:   address@hidden

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