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[Fsfe-france-eval] PLS STAND ON MY BEHALF.

From: Mrs. Linda Johnson.
Subject: [Fsfe-france-eval] PLS STAND ON MY BEHALF.
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 11:54:27 +0000

Mrs. Linda Johnson,
Blk. 2681, HLM II,
Dakar - Senegal.
Hello Dear,
Compliments of the season. I am Mrs. Linda johnson, a civil servant from 
Zimbabwe. I got your contact from Chamber and Commerce office as I was 
searching for someone who will help me out of my present predicament,My late 
husband, Mr.Icheke Johnson was the co-owner of an Agricultural firm and his 
partner happens to be among the white farmers that the dictator President of 
Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe took over their farmlands and handed over to the 
blacks, despite all the pleas from the International Community, and members of 
the commonwealth country's Most of the company's assets, animal farms and milk 
industry were seized and confiscated by the tyrant President.

My late husband was a British citizen of African descent and we both lived in 
the company's staff quarters but our lives were threatened by agents of 
President Mugabe. Since then, my husband and I have been living in exile in 
Dakar - Senegal. My husband died last August as a result of cardiac arrest. A 
substantial amount of money was deposited in the finance house by my husband 
before his death through the help of the International Red Cross staff, because 
President Mugabe, placed order for the closure of the accounts of all the white 
farmers and no one is allowed to transfer more than ten thousand dollars abroad 
but luckily enough, I and my late husband along with some other farmers were 
assisted through diplomatic means with the help of the International Red Cross 
to send our money abroad.

The total Sum is THIRTY SIX million US dollars (US$36.000.000.), the money is 
part of our savings and what my husband inherited from his late father, from 
whom we took over the family business. The money arrived safely in Europe. All 
the documents to the deposition of the money are with me here in Senegal and 
with the Bank also for Security reasons. I would like you to assist me to 
relocate the money to your country into any account of your choice or keep it 
for me in your safe custody until I am able to come to your country after my 
operation soon. I would like to invest the money into any lucrative business, 
you deem profitable and your assistance is highly needed in the areas of 
investment feasibility studies.

Hence I need your cooperation to secure this deposit which is as it stands now, 
the only hope of my survival as I have already lost my husband, coupled with my 
sickness and the situation of insecurity. Life is no more the same with me 
after all the lot I have gone through. Moreover, I wouldn't mind paying you any 
amount you will charge me up to 20% of the total money for your assistance in 
relocating and keeping the money for me as well as helping me to carry out 
proper investment. You keep 80% for me pending execution of the investment.
As a sick person, it will be difficult to handle this alone, hence I need your 
immense help, coupled with your distinguished business acumen and track record. 
Please, I would like you to come to my assistance, I am a lonely widow and in 
utter confusion and distress.
This business is solely between two of us and should there be any need for a 
third party, I will contact one of the Red Cross staff with whom I have 
established some trust. I am scared that if any one gets to know about this, he 
might take advantage of my helpless situation. to diverted this fund or seat on 
the money without helping me to manage it as planed, so please if your willing 
to help kindly contact me very urgently,
Sincerely your's,

Mrs. Linda Johnson.

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