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finding the center-stroke curves of a contour

From: tcll5850
Subject: finding the center-stroke curves of a contour
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2022 16:24:53 +0200 (CEST)

basically I'm trying to turn a contour into a mesh (VBO)
but I need some unit data to do so

that unit data would be pre-calculated from the original outline data for 
(scalable) unit primitives:
- lines
- quadratic curves (conic)
- cubic curves

as well as a copy of this data for the center-stroke of the glyph outline
(used to calculate triangles along the path to the center-stroke)

the idea is for more refined control over extended effects with additional 
weight data
(for example, think of a wavy border)

my question is
how do I calculate this center stroke from the original outline??
could I use a FT_Stroker to calculate an inner border clipped at the point of 

thanks for any and all help :)

additional insight:
this isn't just for 2D use
I intend to have custom center-stroke depths for 3D fonts
(for example, think of a record-groove effect viewed at an angle in a game)

a notable library would be FTGL, however that just meshifies the existing 
outline without a center-stroke (limited ability)

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