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Re: Arial looks different in Win7 and Wine

From: serando
Subject: Re: Arial looks different in Win7 and Wine
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2020 19:28:40 +0200
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Thank you very much for this detailed answer.

>It may look closer, or even identical if you also put under WINE a copy of the 
>original Microsoft glyph and text rendering DLLs, ...

Do I understand right: The "original Microsoft glyph" is part of the original 
"MS font", not in any "dll". Right? 
So, as soon as I would use the original MS Arial font, I would also have the 
original Microsoft glyph?

>... and text rendering DLLs, ...

Are these rendering DLLs (you mentioned) needed 
-only for "Simple rasterization without anti-aliasing" or
-only for "Rasterization with anti-aliasing" or
-are "these rendering DLLs" needed for both "Simple rasterization without 
anti-aliasing" and "Rasterization with anti-aliasing"

Thank you. 

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