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Tahoma: anti-aliasing free: bad hinted "a" or "z"

From: serando
Subject: Tahoma: anti-aliasing free: bad hinted "a" or "z"
Date: Sat, 2 May 2020 10:05:05 +0200
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Hello everybody

This is my first post to freetype mailing list. I hope that I am doing everything right.

I have a question, about the appearance of fonts. (Good hinting)

(Please note:
I do not want to use such modern technique like Anti-Aliasing. I think Anti-Aliasing is good for 4K monitors. But I have a 1280x1024 pixel LCD monitor. I know that most people use Anti-Aliasing on a 1280x1024 LCD monitor. But I do not like it. I would rather have a crystal-clear writing with stairs than a light blurred font without steps. )

My system: MX Linux 19.
My font: Tahoma.

I am new in Linux. I switched to Linux because "windows 7" is no longer supported.

In windows I also had deactivated anti-aliasing. I have read that many fonts do not look good with anti-aliasing turned off. Many fonts are then badly hinted. In windows I used "Tahoma". That looked good. The font had always good hinting.

Since I was satisfied with Tahoma in Windows, I installed this font also in Linux.
However, the hinting is not as good in Linux as it was in Windows.

*Here are my settings I use in Linux:*
Font tuning method for screen: Nativ
Use anti-aliasing: deactivated
Hinting: strong

*I also have experimented with different hinting versions:*
1. I made the file /home/user/.xsessionrc
2. This file has the following content:

"export FREETYPE_PROPERTIES="truetype:interpreter-version=XX"

For "XX" I have tried 35, 38, 40 and 36.
But hinting looks always the same.

*Attachment: *
Attached are some examples. You can see there, the differences between windows and Linux. Please note, that all picture samples are zoomed 2x, so that we can better see the differences. Make sure that you view the images 1:1 (100%) and that anti-aliasing is switched off in the image viewer. (For example Menu->Edit->Settings in "Nomacs"). -> In Linux I have either a bad hinted "a" but a good hinted "z" or a good hinted "a" but a very bad hinted "z". In Windows 7, I always have both letters good hinted.

How can I get the same hinting for Tahoma "a" and "z" like it is in windows?

Would appreciate some answers. Thank you.

With kind regards


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