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[ft] Linking custom code to right Freetype version

From: Ammar ul hassan
Subject: [ft] Linking custom code to right Freetype version
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2017 21:47:37 +0900

I am working in linux platform. I am changing some code in Freetype and
looks like they are not applied or linked. Even i tried to comment all the
code of function FT_Init_FreeType and called it with my application and
still it worked. I compiled Freetype without errors and than installed it
via sudo make install that means it should always invoke these freetype
files, whenever i call it with my application.

The version of Freetype iam trying to change is 20.0.14, i found it
using freetype-config --version command. It looks like Freetype is not
linking my custom code to right Freetype version. So how can i do that? Is
there any system level Freetype installed which is not changed the way iam
doing, if yes than how can i approach that? I am new to this so need help.

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