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[ft] FreeType Debugging

From: Ammar ul hassan
Subject: [ft] FreeType Debugging
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2017 13:55:49 +0900


1) I am trying to debug the Type1 driver by printing some error messages
using FT_ERROR MACRO. I have defined both  #define FT_DEBUG_LEVEL_ERROR,
#define FT_DEBUG_LEVEL_TRACE MACROS in ftoption.h to use FT_ERROR.

I am printing some messages after the header formats are checked i.e. after
this line of code
error = check_type1_format( stream, "%!PS-AdobeFont", 14 ); Like this
FT_ERROR(( "This is a Type1 file \n" ));

For testing i have created a client application which takes the name of
type1 font and prints the text on screen by applying that font style (which
means that type1 driver will be invoked ). But its not printing any
message, but application is working perfectly using FreeType.

2) I tried another way for debugging by writing to an external text file
the same text message after the same line of code but it didn't work. So is
it possible to create and write to external files i.e. outside FreeType?

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