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Re: [ft] Why is Freetype v2.7 refusing to use X11 PCF bitmap fonts ?

From: Laurent Le Pennec
Subject: Re: [ft] Why is Freetype v2.7 refusing to use X11 PCF bitmap fonts ?
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2017 18:01:05 +0100

On Wed, 04 Jan 2017 18:46:45 +0100 (CET), Werner LEMBERG wrote:

> > So far, I just cannot explain why freetype v2.7 is not working
> > properly with PCF fonts in my system... I guess I'd have to diff the
> > v2.6.5 and v2.7.1 releases and see what changed that could explain
> > this issue...  But I don't have time to do so, [...]
> This is unfortunate, since it is apparently only you who has this
> problem.

That's probably because I'm one of those (very ?) rare old farts who
like to use bitmap fonts everywhere (and my aging eyes thank me a lot
for this choice !). :-D

Beside, many distributions configure fonconfig so to alias such PCF
fonts to TTF (poor) equivalents (Liberation, URW, & Co): this is the
case of all Mandriva forks. So, the users of these distros won't see
the problem arising.

This said, if you got 45 minutes (maximum) to dedicate to it, here is
an easy reproduction procedure:

1.- Download a PCLinuxOS ISO:

2.- Install it in a VirtualBox machine.

3.- Once ready, log in as root.

4.- Download the fontconfig packages from my site (they use the latest
    fontconfig version and got the offending Mandriva scripts removed
    from /etc/fonts/conf.d/, so that bitmap fonts can be used):

5.- Download a fixed Murrine engine package (PCLinuxOS's one, unlike
    other distros' doesn't have the Cairo crash fix for fixed fonts):
(alternatively, you can select a different theme than the default one,
such as "TraditionalOk", so that the Murrine engine is not in used when
you switch to fixed fonts).

6.- Open a terminal and update to the downloaded packages:
rpm -Uvh *.rpm

7.- Open the Mate theme configurator (System -> Preferences -> Look
    and feel -> Appearance), select the fonts tab and select Helvetica
    for all fonts but the monospace one.

8.- Close the session and relog into it: the Helvetica PCF font is
    successfully used everywhere...

9.- Launch the packages manager (synaptic), hit the "Reload" button to
    fetch the updates list, then hit "Search" and type "freetype6".
    Select the lib64freetype6 package, right click on it and choose
    "Mark for upgrade". Finally, hit "Apply".

10.- Now, log off from the session and relog: Helvetica font gone !
     (you may find a freetype v2.6.5 package to repair the dammages
     on my site: ).

Something's fishy with freetype v2.7... QED !


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