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[ft] Unexpected Rasterization Differences - static vs. dynamic linking?

From: Dominik Röttsches
Subject: [ft] Unexpected Rasterization Differences - static vs. dynamic linking?
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2017 13:57:25 +0200

Hi Werner and others,

I am experimenting with statically linking FreeType in Chromium instead of dynamically linking against the system version of FreeType. Doing this, I get unexpected rendering differences: 

Even if I statically link against the same numerical version of FreeType as it is on my Ubuntu 14.04 system, I get a different rasterization result than when I dynamically link against this system version library. The screenshot I am attaching shows the before - dynamically linked against system - vs. after, statically linked against the same version.

I am not sure I am interpreting the image correctly, but it seems that I am losing hinting somehow. 

Are there any modifications for hinting settings in Ubuntu's FreeType version? Or am I missing building/linkage of certain FreeType modules that affect this? Or are there different defaults and I should set them more explicitly?

Thanks for your help,


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