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Re: [ft] Drawing unfilled shapes with FreeType2

From: Wojciech Mamrak
Subject: Re: [ft] Drawing unfilled shapes with FreeType2
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 12:09:49 +0100


then you should try

2014-10-28 11:27 GMT+01:00 Marco Wertz <address@hidden>:
>> > How can I get FreeType2 to draw only the outline of my FT_Outline
>> > object with a fixed pixel stroke width?
>> Have a look at the function `Render_Stroke' in the `ftview' demo
>> program. It uses the FreeType stroker API.
> Thanks for the pointer. This should get me started.
>> > When I use FT_Outline_Get_Bitmap() FreeType2 always fills the shape
>> > and I don't see any API that allows me to say "please do not fill
>> > the shape!" ... FT_Outline_Render() also doesn't seem to have an
>> > option to make FreeType2 draw unfilled shapes.
>> Please bear always in mind that FreeType is a *font* rendering
>> library, not a general-purpose drawing engine.
> Yes, I know, but AFAICS it could be utilized for this purpose quite well.
> I need a library that can draw antialised B├ęzier curves and I don't want
> to use cairo because it is LGPL.
> Marco
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