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Re: [ft] Using FreeType for matching font metrics

From: suzuki toshiya
Subject: Re: [ft] Using FreeType for matching font metrics
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 21:53:40 +0900
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On 10/23/2013 08:38 PM, Martin Kotulla (SoftMaker) wrote:
> On 23.10.2013 13:36, Khaled Hosny wrote:
>> I think some Adobe software does that, or how can Adobe MM font be adapted 
>> to metrics of missing fonts in Adobe Reader? Regards, Khaled 
> Yes, it would be similar to what Adobe Reader does when it renders a PDF and 
> the font is neither available in the system nor embedded in the PDF file.

Indeed. However, in my understanding, existing implementation
could give per-face transformation parameter. I don't have
good reference about the functions in Adobe products, but,
for example, Microsoft GDI's function for MM font is such:

Because the number of master faces in MM font is less than 16,
it is impossible to make a MM font with 26 x 2 axis. I guess
Martin's expect is giving per-glyph interpolation parameters
for the MM font including small number of master faces.
If I'm misunderstanding, please let me know.

# I'm not sure if MM font spec prohibit setting per-glyph
# interpolation parameter, although the pair kerning tuning
# for such case would be troublesome.


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