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From: Tom Bishop, Wenlin Institute
Subject: [ft] CFF_MAX_CID_FONTS
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 09:43:30 -0800

Hello FreeTypers,

Does anyone know why CFF_MAX_CID_FONTS (maximum number of sub-fonts in a 
CID-keyed file) is 32 in cfftypes.h? I'm using a font in which fd_index.count 
== 53 and triggers the following error in cffload.h:

      if ( fd_index.count > CFF_MAX_CID_FONTS )
        FT_TRACE0(( "cff_font_load: FD array too large in CID font\n" ));

Changing CFF_MAX_CID_FONTS to 64 seems to solve the problem. I'd like to know 
(1) whether the number 32 is based on a specification, or if it's arbitrary, 
and (2) whether changing it to 64 is liable to cause any problem.

Best wishes,


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