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[ft] *.otf support in version 2.3.5

From: Govind
Subject: [ft] *.otf support in version 2.3.5
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 20:14:55 +0530
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I tried some *.otf files with Freetype_2.3.5 version for Bitmap Glyph generations.
But  API :
         FT_New_Face (library, filename, 0, &face);
         returns FT_unknown_File_Format error message i.e. error code 2.

Same Freetype project version is working fine with almost all *.ttf(true type font) files.
Can I have support for *.otf  font files with above mentioned version of Freetype.
Is there, any specific project or API calling settings required for *.otf files ?

Thanks and Regards

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