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[ft] Get non-ASCII font family name

From: Tom Fukushima
Subject: [ft] Get non-ASCII font family name
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 15:52:23 -0700


In looking at the docs for FT_FaceRec.family_name, it says:
The face's family name. This is an ASCII string, usually in English, which describes the typeface's family (like ‘Times New Roman’, ‘Bodoni’, ‘Garamond’, etc). This is a least common denominator used to list fonts. Some formats (TrueType & OpenType) provide localized and Unicode versions of this string. Applications should use the format specific interface to access them.

What does the last sentence mean?  It seems relevant to what I need: I'm trying to get the family names from msgothic.ttc on Windows XP, but I only get the ASCII versions of the names back (MS Gothic, MS PGothic). How do I get the Unicode versions of the names (MS ゴシック and MS P ゴシック)?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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