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[ft] FreeType compilation under Borland C++ Builder 5

From: Przemysław Więckowski
Subject: [ft] FreeType compilation under Borland C++ Builder 5
Date: 10 Jul 2006 11:56:16 +0200

Hello , 

  i have a problem with compilation FreeType for Borland C++ Builder platform ( 
version 5 ). For compliation i use mingw32-make ( v. 3.80 ) , after i 
succesfully setup platform using 

 mingw32-make setup bcc32

 i started compliation , 


 after few second i get below message 

bcc32 -oobjs/apinames.exe src/tools/apinames.c
Borland C++ 5.5 for Win32 Copyright (c) 1993, 2000 Borland
Turbo Incremental Link 5.00 Copyright (c) 1997, 2000 Borland
.\objs\apinames.exe -oobjs/freetype.def -dfreetype.dll -wB ./include/freetype/fr
eetype.h ./include/freetype/ftbbox.h ./include/freetype/ftbdf.h ./include/freety
pe/ftbitmap.h ./include/freetype/ftcache.h ./include/freetype/ftchapters.h ./inc
lude/freetype/fterrdef.h ./include/freetype/fterrors.h ./include/freetype/ftglyp
h.h ./include/freetype/ftgxval.h ./include/freetype/ftgzip.h ./include/freetype/
ftimage.h ./include/freetype/ftincrem.h ./include/freetype/ftlist.h ./include/fr
eetype/ftlzw.h ./include/freetype/ftmac.h ./include/freetype/ftmm.h ./include/fr
eetype/ftmodapi.h ./include/freetype/ftmoderr.h ./include/freetype/ftotval.h ./i
nclude/freetype/ftoutln.h ./include/freetype/ftpfr.h ./include/freetype/ftrender
.h ./include/freetype/ftsizes.h ./include/freetype/ftsnames.h ./include/freetype
/ftstroke.h ./include/freetype/ftsynth.h ./include/freetype/ftsystem.h ./include
/freetype/fttrigon.h ./include/freetype/fttypes.h ./include/freetype/ftwinfnt.h
./include/freetype/ftxf86.h ./include/freetype/t1tables.h ./include/freetype/ttn
ameid.h ./include/freetype/tttables.h ./include/freetype/tttags.h ./include/free
process_begin: CreateProcess(C:\freetype-2.2.1\objs\apinames.exe, .\objs\apiname
s.exe -oobjs/freetype.def -dfreetype.dll -wB ./include/freetype/freetype.h ./inc
lude/freetype/ftbbox.h ./include/freetype/ftbdf.h ./include/freetype/ftbitmap.h
./include/freetype/ftcache.h ./include/freetype/ftchapters.h ./include/freetype/
fterrdef.h ./include/freetype/fterrors.h ./include/freetype/ftglyph.h ./include/
freetype/ftgxval.h ./include/freetype/ftgzip.h ./include/freetype/ftimage.h ./in
clude/freetype/ftincrem.h ./include/freetype/ftlist.h ./include/freetype/ftlzw.h
 ./include/freetype/ftmac.h ./include/freetype/ftmm.h ./include/freetype/ftmodap
i.h ./include/freetype/ftmoderr.h ./include/freetype/ftotval.h ./include/freetyp
e/ftoutln.h ./include/freetype/ftpfr.h ./include/freetype/ftrender.h ./include/f
reetype/ftsizes.h ./include/freetype/ftsnames.h ./include/freetype/ftstroke.h ./
include/freetype/ftsynth.h ./include/freetype/ftsystem.h ./include/freetype/fttr
igon.h ./include/freetype/fttypes.h ./include/freetype/ftwinfnt.h ./include/free
type/ftxf86.h ./include/freetype/t1tables.h ./include/freetype/ttnameid.h ./incl
ude/freetype/tttables.h ./include/freetype/tttags.h ./include/freetype/ttunpat.h
, ...) failed.
make (e=87): Parametr jest niepoprawny.
C:\MinGWStudio\MinGW\bin\mingw32-make.EXE: *** [objs/freetype.def] Error 87

I don't know why ( it looks like 'there is no free system resources.. ) , but i 
obtain error CreateProcess(... ble, ble ble... ) failed make(e=87): Invalid 

After few minutes i find out that it is apinames tool problem ( but still i 
don't know why ), so i've used tool located in C:\freetype-2.2.1 main directory 
( this file ( apinames.exe ) was copied into ./obj directory ). After thad i 
had small warning from TLib that library is to big and i should use /P32 
parameter , so after i done it - i have successfuly compiled freetype 
library... I hope so... because i don't used it yet.

 Therefore i wondering why i sholud do so many operations before i get success. 
Can abybody explain my that? 


Zobacz, gdzie mieszka Twoja dziewczyna!

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