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Re: [ft] Freetype performance question?

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: [ft] Freetype performance question?
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 08:48:09 +0200
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Michael Sander a écrit :
Most users of freetype on a X system first use the freetype2 engine to render the font to some in-memory bitmap and then use XPutImage to render the image to the screen.

I wouldn't say "most users", since the typical scheme used to display anti-aliased text doesn't need composition of in-memory bitmaps and XPutImage. Instead, it is the following:

- the client generates (monochrome or anti-aliased) glyph images for the characters it needs. it supposedly does so only *once* per character / size / transform, and lazily (i.e., on-demand)

- the client sends these glyph bitmap images to the X Server through the XRender extension.
 The X Server globally caches them.

- when the client needs to draw some text, it simply sends the positions and glyph 'indices' needed to the X Server, the latter retrieves the bitmaps from its global cache, and performs the composition
 on the target drawable.

This is much more network efficient than having to send the glyph bitmaps each time, and the
composition can be trivially hardware-accellerated by the X Server.

Does anyone have any performance benchmarks compared to simple X rendering (i.e. XDrawString). I am especially concerned over slow X connections. If one is rendering a full screen of text using freetype on a slow X connection they have to effectively transfer a full screen bitmap image.

To get back to your point, if you use some sort of glyph bitmap cache, your performance will probably be dominated by the composition code that you'll be using to draw the glyphs into your in-memory bitmap, as well as the network transfer of the result. The performance of FreeType will be totally

It will be much slower than a simple XDrawString, because this one can be hardware accellerated by the X Server. However, note that XDrawString is incapable of performing anti-aliased text rendering.

Hope this helps,

- David Turner
- The FreeType Project  (

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