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Re: [ft] ftstrpnm for FreeType 2 or simple Python bindings? :)

From: Michele Petrazzo
Subject: Re: [ft] ftstrpnm for FreeType 2 or simple Python bindings? :)
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 11:27:22 +0200
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Adam Twardoch wrote:

I'm really in a need of a Win32-compiled FreeType 2-compatible application a la ftstrpnm that renders a text into an image file.

Even better, I'd like some simple Python (2.4) bindings that work reliably (I tried the _imagingft library from PIL and it crashes on 2-3% of the fonts).

May be ask for that problems on the Image-sig ml would be better, I
think. There you can find the PIL developer.

I need to do some rasterization checks on several thousand fonts and I need something that is fast and does not have an overhead of an entire graphic subsystem.

As I said, my preferred environment would be Python 2.4 on Windows, though ideally, it should also work on Python 2.4 on Linux.

Yes, it would.

Please contact me off-list at address@hidden and tell me how much such a little program/library might cost, or if you know a developer who would be willing to write such a tool.

I'm a python / ctypes (you know?) developer, and I already wrote some
.so/.dll wrappers like freeimagepy ( -> and I'm ending filtersdllpy ( -> ?
[may be]). I have already started "freetypepy", but
not ended.
Do you want to help me to do it? Do you want that I end it and sell you
with an OpenSource license (that can permit to publish the library like
an open source project)?

Regards, Adam Twardoch

Michele Petrazzo

Unipex srl

email: address@hidden
Tel:   0432 - 931511
Fax:   0432 - 931378
Cell:  328 - 3109973

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