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RE: [ft] How to get the char width (bitmap width) without rendering

From: Paresh Deshmukh
Subject: RE: [ft] How to get the char width (bitmap width) without rendering
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 10:44:11 UT

Hi Jaco,

I am also writing similar c++ wrapper on linux platform, taking same tutorial as
base. It works fine with horizontal layout but fails with vertical layout (
msmncho.ttc). Please share your implementation, I hope it will help me.

Thanks & Regards

Hi all,

..first post.

To the creator of FreeType, I have successfully integrated FreeType into
a GIS engine I developed and FT is simply awesome!

I wrote a very basic c++ wrapper around freetype that supports the basic
stuff you would do with truetype fons, rotation, scaling, different
colors, outlining, nounding box calculations etc...

It is dependent on some other stuff, but if any of you are interested in
it I can put it somewhere for your full use as you like. (You will
ofcourse have to modify it to get it to compile as it depends on other
windows specific GDI rendering stuff for the GIS engine).

Or drop me a mail at

jacovdw0000 at

And I'll send you the files.

(PS, this wrapper is largely based on one of the sample implementations
that came with FR 2.1.10)


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