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Re: [Off-Topic] Mr Teebo's anti-spam system (Re: Re: [ft] compilinig ftd

From: Thibault Jamme
Subject: Re: [Off-Topic] Mr Teebo's anti-spam system (Re: Re: [ft] compilinig ftdemos on windows)
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 22:50:39 +0100

Many apologies to everyone about this.
I have obviously forgotten to whitelist the reply-to address of this
list -OR- as it appears the list is mis-configured as every message
posted to the list should have a reply-to field set to the address of
the list... Or I'm missing something.

I will unsubscribe as I am not very active on this list anymore.

Sorry about that.

T. Jamme

On Thu, 2006-06-15 at 18:46 +0800, Peter Montgomery wrote:
> Jan,
> I agree.  I too found it stupid and annoying that someone who subscribes 
> to a mailing list uses this filter that forces every person who posts to 
> let it know they are human.  As you said, if he subscribed to a list, 
> then just set the filter so it automatically accepts mail from that list.
>       Thanks,
>       PeterM
> Jan Slupski wrote:

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