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[ft] Kerning info not read..

From: Vaclav Koldus
Subject: [ft] Kerning info not read..
Date: Sat, 06 May 2006 17:28:07 +0200
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Hi all!

I'm using freetype (2.1.10) in my project which renders pictures and text informations on broadcasted

I'm loading face like this:

   err = FT_New_Face( lib->ftlib, fpath, 0, &(txt->ftface) );

But then when using FT_HAS_KERNING ( like this )

   if (FT_HAS_KERNING( txt->ftface ) ){

I always get false...

I'm pretty sure that there is kerning info in the font (I cheched it through font forge). I've tried exporting font in both TrueType And Open Type format. Both of them
contain kerning info.  FreeType can't see kerning in none of them.

I also tried to get kerning info regardless of condition above.

FT_Get_Kerning( txt->ftface, txt->text[i-1], txt->text[i], FT_KERNING_DEFAULT, &delta );

Everytime returns a few non-sense data. Everytime the same.

Please,is there something I've omitted, ore where is the mistake?

Thanks in advance,


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