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[ft] sig 11 while loading otf, freetype 2.1.3

From: Sourath Roy
Subject: [ft] sig 11 while loading otf, freetype 2.1.3
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 19:06:18 +0530

I am trying to use DirectFB graphics library on RedHat Linux (kernel 2.6.13). DirectFB uses Freetype2 as the backend for their Font support. I intend to use .otf (open type fonts) files for my application.
When I try to execute my application it hits a signal 11.

The freetype version that I have on my system is 2.1.3. Is there any problem with this version for Open Type fonts(.otf extensions) that it gets a sig 11?

If anyone is aware of this problem then please suggest a solution/workaround...

Thanks in advance!!


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