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RE: [ft] Thick contours

From: Boris Letocha
Subject: RE: [ft] Thick contours
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 17:00:55 +0200

Hello Laurent,

Photoshop and any graphic application, draws it in 2 steps - first white fill 
and then black outline both using antialiasing. Outline is created from 
original fill using "stroking" algorithm. Look at "ftstroke.h". Or similar 
implementation is in LibArt.



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Subject: RE: [ft] Thick contours

Well, on the 'Q' of Quit, the 4 sides looks flat, as if it were clipped by a
box (same on the capital 'S' in 'Sun' and in 'FullScreen', same on the 'o'
and 'e' of the word 'Move'), and the bottom right (don't know the English
word ... the 'tail' of the Q) is simply wrong. The dot of the 'i' is wrong
too, the 't' is messy (it is too on the left side, but less).

On the 'T' of the 'Toggle' word, gaps appear on the top right and top left
(same on the right part of the 'F' of 'Fullscreen'), the top right of the
two 'g' is fully black where it shouldn't, the bottom of the 'g' is fully
black too, where you should see a gap. Same on the 'r' of the word
'FullScreen' and the 'n' in 'FullScreen' and 'Sun'...

And so on... I'd just like to achieve better quality, doesn't matter how.
What would be the correct method, even pixel per pixel, to do this?



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Laurent Auneau wrote:
> As you can see the result for the outline is quite deceiving, would you 
> have any advice on this?

I don't know quite what you mean by deceiving.  It looks good to
me.  (And I render my 'outlined' fonts in exactly the same way.)

Adam D. Moss   -   address@hidden

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