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Re: [Freetype] Line space calculation in FT 1

From: Rob Kramer
Subject: Re: [Freetype] Line space calculation in FT 1
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 22:46:38 +0800
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Hi Antoine,

On Friday 23 April 2004 02:46 am, Antoine Leca wrote:
> > How do I convert the 1697 to a number of pixels?
> As with any quantity: dividing with EM and multiplying the point size
> (really the other way ;-)).

Point size, as in 15 point font? 

I tried according to the FT2 docs, design metrics -> device metrics (TrueType 

        (y_ppem / units_per_em) * design_y
        (20 / 2048) * 1697 = 16.57

And 16 pixels is barely high enough to fit a glyph in, so the lines would be 
very close together indeed. 

Am I doing something obviously wrong? :)

Thanks again for your help,


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