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RE: [Freetype] Newbie question

From: 786
Subject: RE: [Freetype] Newbie question
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 08:56:51 +0500

Hi Andy,

///Please ignore this if this is not what you asked for..
Assuming your platform is linux/unix, then here is what u should do:
1. unpack the archive with `tar xzvf freetype-1.3.1.tar.gz'
2. From command prompt goto the freetype directory
3. enter these
        make install
4. if everything is fine, then your lib and test programs are installed.
5. From the same terminal issue command: ftstring ppem aa.ttf
6. finito

Now about "which steps must be used and which steps are not", well maybe you
should read the user.txt file specially the second part " II. Step-by-step
Example". This should help.


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Subject: [Freetype] Newbie question

Dear all:

I am newbie
I have ported the freetype-1.3.1 library to my platform and
now I want to show .ttf using this library APIs step by step.
I have seen that the demo(ftstring.c ...) under the test directory but I
was confused.
I don't know which steps must be used and which steps are not.
Please give some advice about it

thanks a lot

Best regards,


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