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[Freetype] How should I troubleshoot this UTF-8 problem?

From: David Wuertele
Subject: [Freetype] How should I troubleshoot this UTF-8 problem?
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 18:04:34 -0800
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I'm using freetype as a component in a much larger system which I have
just begun to internationalize.  

I've found that when I specify a Japanese font and call
FTC_Image_Cache_Lookup() function on UTF-8 encoded japanese
characters, I get garbage rendered.

ASCII characters from the same font render fine.  I have examined the
font with a font editor and the characters are all there.  I have
looked at my executable binary and confirmed that the static strings
do indeed contain valid UTF-8 encodings of the characters I want.

Any suggestions on how I might proceed to get FTC_Image_Cache_Lookup()
to work with this Japanese font?


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