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Re: [Freetype] Compiling freetype on uclinux

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Freetype] Compiling freetype on uclinux
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 13:42:17 +0100 (CET)

> configure: warning: CFLAGS=-v  -O2 -D__uClinux__ 
> -I/home/nafi/uClinux-dist/lib/uClibc/include 
> -I/home/nafi/uClinux-dist/linux-2.4.x/include -m5307 -Wa,-S -Wa,-m5307 
> -msep-data: invalid host type
> configure: warning: LDFLAGS=-Wl,-elf2flt -Wl,-move-rodata: invalid host 
> type
> configure: error: can only configure for one host and one target at
> a time

You have written

  ./configure CFLAGS="..."  LDFLAGS="..."

haven't you (note the double quotes)?

> Where can I read this auto tools info?  This is a Red Hat Linux, I
> looked for man autoconf, autoconf --help, find -iname *autoconf* and
> at site but I was not able to find that info.  I am walking
> through these files on a change and try steps.

The info pages can be visited with `info' (or with `M-x info' within

  info autoconf

If this doesn't bring you to you probably haven't it
installed.  You should install the most recent version of autoconf,

BTW, instead of `find -name *autoconf*' I would use the `locate'
command (provide you've installed it).


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