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[Freetype] Untangling relationship with fontconfig

From: Alan Chandler
Subject: [Freetype] Untangling relationship with fontconfig
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 15:04:27 +0000
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I am trying to untangle an issue with a font problem in kde.  To cut to the 
crux, I ask for the "console" font and end up with "verdana" (There are some 
other issues too - related to spacing but I need to solve this one first).

Having single stepped (with gvd/gdb) my way through libqt-mt, libxft, 
libfontconfig and more recently libfreetype I have discoverd that the cause 
of my problem is that libfontconfig is asking libfreetype for the family name 
for /usr/share/fonts/console8x16.pcf.gz to put into the font cache.  Freetype 
seems to not recognise this as a valid font and tells fontconfig so.  As a 
result fontconfig constructs the family name out of the filename rather than 
from data in the font file.

I am rather stuck as to where to go next.  In single stepping through 
libfreetype it seemed to me that part of the code was looping through a table 
trying out different driver modules against the file.  Each one seem to 
reject the font as not one that they could handle. 

Is a gzip compressed pcf file that libfreetype SHOULD handle? (or is 
libfontconfig wrong in passing this filename to libfreetype)

Is there more information I could give post to this list to get some help on 
understanding why this particular file is not recognised correctly.

(I am using libfreetype 2.1.3 - both from debian and compiled from source). 

- -- 
Alan Chandler
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