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Re: [Freetype] Bug search page

From: Roberto Peon
Subject: Re: [Freetype] Bug search page
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 12:05:24 -0700
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Antoine & Oliver-

Thanks, you might want to put the bit about where to report bugs in the FAQ, 
and you're right, I didn't search for long. Apologies.

The "bug" was actually two different bugs, and using freetype2-current from 
the ftp site seemed to fix both problems.

bug in 2.0.[789]: (and perhaps earlier, but I don't remember anymore)
        Some (true type) fonts rendered numbers at different sizes. 
        i.e. the number '4' would be a pixel shorter than '5', etc.
        The numbers which were midgitized were seemingly random depending
        on the size of the font. If any of the characters [A-Za-z] were 
        we didn't notice.

bug in 2.1.2:
        Some (same, true type) fonts would not render at all. Converting the 
        font to .bdf (fontographer 4.1 PC) and loading it allowed the font 
        to render. After reconverting it to ttf, it (again) did not render.

Again, using the current "unstable" version seemed to cure both problems.

I'll have to ask the copyright owner of the font(s) if I'm allowed to pass it
on (the broadcasters are very picky about who gets access to a piece
of their "look"), if playing with the font would help. If you wanted access
to the font and they don't OK it, some kind of NDA would be required. 
(blech, I agree)

FYI: we use freetype to render our text for TV, specifically Nascar at the
moment, but soon it should make other air (in other sports). I appreciate all
the work you have done on it!

FYI: I'm on the (request) list now, so you don't need to CC me =)
If (you think) I should be on the other lists to track other bugs, etc,
mention it and I'll subscribe.

Again, Thanks!

-Roberto JP

On Friday 27 September 2002 01:13 am, Olivier Couet wrote:
> > En Roberto Peon va escriure:
> > > New to the list, didn't find a FAQ, so..
> >
> > You had not search very long, had you?
> > There is no central FAQ, but there are quite a number of them
> > at the various points of the web pages.
>  Yes that is true there is one:
>  I looked at it once but quickly forgot about it because all the FAQs I
> was interested in had just one sentence and then a depressing "to be
> continued" ... :-(
>  Olivier
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