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Re: [Freetype] how does freetype handle combining character for unicode

From: Vadim Plessky
Subject: Re: [Freetype] how does freetype handle combining character for unicode
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 16:04:21 +0400
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On Tuesday 17 September 2002 8:00 pm, Ziying Sherwin wrote:
|  We installed php 4.2.2 with freetype 1.3.1 on our solaris 2.8 machine.  We
|  are using function imagettftext to convert UTF8 string to image file for
|  Internet display. However, it seems that this function does not handle the
|  combining characters properly.  For instance, the sequence of unicode
|  characters U+0061(a) and U+0308 (combining diacritics) is display as two
|  characters: a and a square indicating not displayable. The correct result
| should be a character identical to U+00E4.

What is the problem to render adieresis (U+00E4) character itself?
This character is not extremly difficult, and present in many fonts.

As about combining U+0061(a) and U+0308 (combining diacritics) glyphs into one 
character - this should be done in font editor (preferable in your case, 
IMO), or in advanced layout library.
Whne you export such font to PostScript Type1 fotmat - character will have 
calls to subroutines displaying U+0061(a) and U+0308 (combining diacritics) 
[in your case].
TrueType format also supports combined glyphs (references).

|  We are wondering where the normalization is handled in this case, freetype
|  library or inside imagettftext php function? Is it a bug in freetype
| library? If not, how can we fix it?

I hardly see it as a FreeType bug.

|  Thanks,
|  Ziying Sherwin
|  P.S. I am not on the mailing list, please send your response to
|  address@hidden

You should subscribe! :-)

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