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Re: [Freetype] fractional point sizes

From: Anthony Feick
Subject: Re: [Freetype] fractional point sizes
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 15:45:48 -0500

Well this bit in the function FT_Set_Char_Size answers my question:

/* Compute pixel sizes in 26.6 units */
dim_x = ( ( ( char_width  * horz_resolution ) / 72 ) + 32 ) & -64;
dim_y = ( ( ( char_height * vert_resolution ) / 72 ) + 32 ) & -64;

So it looks like the point size _is_ rounded, although a post from Werner from a while ago indicates otherwise:

"The third parameter of FT_Set_Char_Size() must be given in 26.6 format
(making it possible to have fractional point sizes) " ...

Granted, this post is 2 years old, but fractional point sizes seems too useful to give up.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a workaround? Could FT_Set_Transform be used to scale the glyphs slightly?


From: "Anthony Feick" <address@hidden>
Reply-To: address@hidden
To: address@hidden
Subject: [Freetype] fractional point sizes
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 14:55:04 -0500

Does freetype support fractional point sizes? The function FT_Set_Char_Size takes a 26.6 int, but all of the glyph metrics indicate that the point size is being rounded.

Am I doing something wrong?

I haven't dug into the freetype source yet, so I might be able to find it on my own. I just thought somebody else might have run into this.


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