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Re: [Freetype] Not getting kerning values for Adobe Type 1 font under wi

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: [Freetype] Not getting kerning values for Adobe Type 1 font under windows
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 23:24:16 +0200
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Hello Mark,

Mark Maigatter wrote:
I am having a problem getting FreeType under windows to return any kerning values for an Adobe Type 1 font. In looking at the corresponding AFM file for the font, I can see the kerning pairs quite literally.

In looking at the Type 1 driver, I can see the corresponding AFM reader to read this. The compilation definitely include the Get_Kerning and the T1_Read_AFM into the FT_Driver_Class_Rec structure.

The code goes into the Get_Kerning but the afm_data for the face is always NULL. And my breakpoints in the T1_Read_AFM are never executed.

You should call FT_Attach_File( face, "yourfile.afm" ) to read the
kerning values into the face object. Then, you'll be able to use


- David Turner
- The FreeType Project (

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