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Re: [Fwd: Freetype and Borland Pascal]

From: Antoine Leca
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Freetype and Borland Pascal]
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 13:36:22 +0100

Markus Humm wrote:
> Data: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 17:43:40 +0100
> De: Markus Humm <address@hidden>
> A: address@hidden
> I'm writing a graphics program in Borland Pascal DOS 16-Bit protected
> Mode.

Hmmm. I am not 100% sure this particular build of the freetype library
is bug-free. Expect it to slightly change in the next weeks.
(In particular, if you have Borland 7.00 and not 7.01, I am 100% sure the
current code is bugged: I will fix that and other things soon).
I am not sure as well that the current code for the driver is already OK
for DPMI, but it surely will.

That is, your main source will be the development snapshot
<URL:>, more precisely the file 
rather than the official release, at least for the next month.

BTW, your contribution will be highly welcome, since it would allow for one
more tester, which is a very good thing to improve the stability of the code.

> How do I use TTFs here ?
> How do I use Freetype here ?

Freetype is a library (a collection of units, to speak as Borland does).
Included in the package is a few test programs to show the operation
under very basic cases.
The basic idea is to "uses Freetype;" in your code, which gives you access
to a bunch of funtions to open and use .TTF files and their contents,
up to (but not including) drawing them.

> What exactly do I need to start with ?

1) Read the docs
2) Compile the TPP, then the test programs, then run them
3) Start hacking the code

> I've got my own pixel drawing routine. How do I put this into freetype ?

You then have to interface the RASTER code with your particular code,
using for example the code in the test programs (named the "driver")
as an example.

> My e-mail adress is: address@hidden

If you do not mind, we prefer to keep the conversation public, to allow every
reader (including the ones that will dig the archives in some years) to be kept
at the same level of information (and incidentaly, to allow any mistakes in
the answer to be corrected ;-)).


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