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Re: Glyph Rendering of CJK Font that Appears to have Hints

From: Charlie Jiang
Subject: Re: Glyph Rendering of CJK Font that Appears to have Hints
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2022 14:22:21 +0800
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Hi Roger,

Glad to know that you’ve made such interesting discovery.

I highly doubt that it’s the gasp table that is linked to the “Grid Fitting” properties you posted. You can find the list of tables in the “Font Info” Tab - “SFNT” Sub-Tab in the ftinspect tool. The raw data of the gasp table of SimSum 3.03 is as follows:

The second entry (the third quadlet) indicates the max PPEM equals to 24 and the flag is set to GASP_GRIDFIT.

To access the gasp table programmatically, try the FT_Get_Gasp function. It provides limited functionality, so maybe you need to do your own parsing with FT_Get_Sfnt_Table and FT_Load_Sfnt_Table, if you want to read the whole table.


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