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uninitialized value in _bdf_readstream

From: Derek B. Noonburg
Subject: uninitialized value in _bdf_readstream
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2021 11:31:36 -0800

Valgrind is reporting an uninitialized value in _bdf_readstream for
certain (very broken) fonts in my xpdf regression testing on Linux.

I'm attaching a sample font.  It's essentially garbage (pulled out of a
damaged PDF file), but I think the uninitialized value is still a

To reproduce: valgrind ftview 16 f1.cff

Valgrind reports:

==22204== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==22204==    at 0x4E84410: _bdf_readstream (bdflib.c:577)
==22204==    by 0x4E84410: bdf_load_font (bdflib.c:2196)
==22204==    by 0x4E84410: BDF_Face_Init (bdfdrivr.c:376)
==22204==    by 0x4E51B2A: open_face (ftobjs.c:1465)
==22204==    by 0x4E53062: ft_open_face_internal (ftobjs.c:2537)
==22204==    by 0x4E5342B: FT_New_Face (ftobjs.c:1528)
==22204==    by 0x407FCF: FTDemo_Install_Font (ftcommon.c:543)
==22204==    by 0x403226: main (ftview.c:1809)

This is new as of 2.11.1.

- Derek

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