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Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: Problem with flagging font as 'tricky'

From: suzuki toshiya
Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: Problem with flagging font as 'tricky'
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2021 21:02:33 +0900
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Hi all,

Sorry for posting about my homework in 6 months ago.
During the fix for the issue 1078
, I added a tweak skipping the randomization "tag"
of the family names of the fonts embedded in PDF.

At present, it skips the heading uppercase 6 letters
with "+" delimiter, this syntax was defined by PDF

There might be some poorly designed implementations
using some digits in the randomization tag, like,
"123456+Courier" or "123ABC+Helvetica". Current tweak
does not take them as the randomization tag. If you
have some PDFs including such incorrect randomization
tag, please let me know.


On 2021/02/13 3:18, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

[Justyna] To be more precise, my case is PDLCJH+OCR-A font.  This is
incremental font build of OCR-A font.

The correct term is not 'incremental font' but 'subsetted font': The
PDF generator takes your input font and omits all glyphs not necessary
in the output file, thus creating a subset of the original font.

FreeType flags it as tricky.

Indeed, this is not good.

[Toshiya] Revisiting the changeset, using "DLC" prefix in the deny
list is slightly too greedy idea to catch all Dynalab fonts, I feel.

I agree.  Additionally, it seems that FreeType finds 'DLC' incorrectly
in the middle of a font name...


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