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Need Help with a FontDescriptor Error

From: Cheryl Semick
Subject: Need Help with a FontDescriptor Error
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 12:57:10 -0500


I used a program that uses your FreeType 2 program: "Foxit PhantomPDF Printer" to create a PDF for a book I created using the Tekton font and I was uploading it into where I publish my books and I received this error:

"We've found an error in your PDF and can't automatically repair it. Please revise the file or contact support for more assistance. Error Message: Wrong Length entry found in FontDescriptor"

I've contacted Foxit and have not heard back from them - so I did some digging and saw in their "About" page that they use your program. Is this error something that pertains to your program? If so, would you please advise me on what this error is referring to and how I can fix it in my document? I am not a programmer, but my son is and he said that that error sounds like a "custom error from a specific program." Any help you can lend is greatly appreciated!

I am trying to publish a special surprise book for my programmer son's birthday which is why I cannot get his help! I'm traveling to see him this Sunday and am desperate to try to get this published asap.

Thank you for any help or direction you can offer!


Cheryl Semick
Writing & Marketing Services

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