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[ft-devel] LFS support in builds/unix/ftsystem.c

From: Kenny Simpson
Subject: [ft-devel] LFS support in builds/unix/ftsystem.c
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2013 00:29:14 -0500

I spent a bit of time today chasing a bug which turned out to be missing largefile support in FT_Stream_Open().  The issue was not that the font file was large, but that the inode number on the filesystem (GFS2) was large.  The underlying fstat64 system call did succeed, but then got translated to an error for the 32-bit fstat() call.

(for the painful details, I needed to build 32-bit fontconfig to build wine in order to run a crappy vendor's windoze binary - all under 64-bit Centos 6 on a semi-beefy x86 box).

My quick work-around was to add #define _GNU_SOURCE at the top to pick up the LFS support, but did see the large:
/* XXX: TODO -- real 64bit platform support                        */
comment and wanted to mention that large files are not the only thing that can break this:
Its been a while since I've fought with LFS issues and had thought them a thing of the past... let me know if there is an approved way to add this fix to freetype.


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