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[ft-devel] freetype bug with Mac suitcase fonts

From: Garrick Meeker
Subject: [ft-devel] freetype bug with Mac suitcase fonts
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 19:06:12 -0500

This is really more a case of broken fonts than a bug, but some suitcase fonts 
won't work on Mac without turning off 
PREFER_LWFN (notably a font called Onyx).  The suitcase file "Oynx" says the 
LWFN file is also "Oynx" but it doesn't contain 
POST resources.  It does contain sfnt resources.  I've attached one solution, 
falling back to the sfnt if the LWFN fails to load.  It 
would probably be better to detect this specific case but opening the LWFN an 
extra time seems like a back idea.  Let me know 
if I should implement this another way.

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