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[ft-devel] Outlines

From: Soeren Muehlbauer
Subject: [ft-devel] Outlines
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 19:26:26 +0200


i know this is the mailing list from freetype but i think here are the
most valueable persons for my question.

I have to generate postscript from emf. All is working fine. And with
thanks to werner i also managed to include fonts. Im embedding the
fonts as type 3 fonts. This means the font are ordinary postscript
drawing commands. I read the outlines from the ttf and normalize the
em to 1000. So i can use the same matrix for all fonts. Now i have a
problem with the font sizes. When enumerating the emf i calculate a
x-dpi and y-dpi value. All coordinates are converted to point (1/72
inch) with this dpi values. I'm also convert the font height in this
manner. But when outputing it the sizes arent the same.

Is there any special with windows font heights? It would be very nice
if somebody has a small hint for me.

Soeren Muehlbauer

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