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Re: [ft-devel] tvtime crashes with freetype cvs on x86-64

From: Ronny V. Vindenes
Subject: Re: [ft-devel] tvtime crashes with freetype cvs on x86-64
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006 16:33:13 +0200

On man, 2006-09-04 at 15:18 +0200, Ronny V. Vindenes wrote:
> tvtime started crashing after one of last couple of commits (haven't
> tracked it down exactly yet). I haven't found any other programs that
> are effected and using the fonts from tvtime in other apps does not
> cause them to crash.

Running through valgrind I get tons of invalid reads and writes of size
4 and 8 ala:

==17340== Invalid write of size 8
==17340==    at 0x4C75CD6: gray_record_cell (ftgrays.c:436)
==17340==    by 0x4C76697: gray_set_cell (ftgrays.c:489)
==17340==    by 0x4C76A06: gray_render_line (ftgrays.c:745)
==17340==    by 0x4C77357: gray_conic_to (ftgrays.c:907)
==17340==    by 0x4C34899: FT_Outline_Decompose (ftoutln.c:175)
==17340==    by 0x4C75D4B: gray_convert_glyph_inner (ftgrays.c:1569)
==17340==    by 0x4C762A6: gray_raster_render (ftgrays.c:1683)
==17340==    by 0x4C75921: ft_smooth_render_generic (ftsmooth.c:198)
==17340==    by 0x4C75AA0: ft_smooth_render (ftsmooth.c:242)
==17340==    by 0x4C369CB: FT_Render_Glyph_Internal (ftobjs.c:3269)
==17340==    by 0x4C3C83C: FT_Glyph_To_Bitmap (ftglyph.c:621)
==17340==    by 0x40AA4F: ft_cache_glyph (leetft.c:99)

These do not show up when reverting to an older version of freetype.

I'm guessing the "improved" anti-aliased rasterizer commited on
2006-09-01 is busted on x86-64

Ronny V. Vindenes <address@hidden>

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