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[ft-devel] Issue with migration from OSX to freetype based rendering...

From: Jean-Charles VERDIE
Subject: [ft-devel] Issue with migration from OSX to freetype based rendering...
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 17:29:17 +0200


We are experiencing the following problem: We try to port OSX-based WebKit Layout tests to linux.
We moved from a Quartz Font rendering engine to FreeType.
The layout tests compare the rendered  blocks with the expected one, using text-based dump render trees.

Unsurprisingly, the FreeType render block is different from the Quartz one. For the same font, and the same text: the ft rendered block is generally larger than the mac one and sometimes higher too.

We tried to hack FreeType to make the two rendering fit. We changed in ftobjs.c the values of 72 dpi and the 64 coefficient in
This is not really helpful actually.

Has anyone already tried to make such a port, or is there any planned effort on making such a compatibility possible ?

Best regards

Jean-Charles VerdiƩ

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