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RE: [ft-devel] TrueType bytecode interpreter enhancements

From: Sergey Tolstov
Subject: RE: [ft-devel] TrueType bytecode interpreter enhancements
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 09:24:41 -0700


This is really good news!

The GetFontData API allows to retrieve the data of the actual font
selected into the device context.
Use 0 as the table name for all but ttc fonts. For ttc use 'ttcf'.
Then you can load it into memory with FT functions, or find
corresponding font file on disk by comparing important fields.

Sergey Tolstov  

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> Subject: [ft-devel] TrueType bytecode interpreter enhancements
> Hello everyone,
> I've commited last week some "improvements" to the bytecode 
> interpreter in order to get rid of some of the remaining 
> differences with the Windows rendering engine.
> I've only tested it "by hand", i.e. by comparing the results 
> produced with previous versions and known defects, which 
> means I'm still unsure if the CVS code is correct or if it 
> did introduce regressions.
> In order to make real testing, I'm trying to write a small 
> Win32 program that compares the output of the GetGlyphOutline 
> function with FreeType's output, in order to spot differences 
> automatically.
> I'm however currently blocked because there seems to be no 
> way to retrieve the path of an installed font file on Windows 
> from its "logical font name". Does anyone has any idea on how 
> to deal with this ?
> In the meantime, I encourage you to test the CVS code, and 
> report any discrepancies or improvements that would strike 
> you. Note that this doesn't solve certain problems (like 
> extraneous pixels in the '8' or Verdana at size 11pt/72dpi, 
> which don't appear on Windows due to a bug in its rasterizer)
> Regards,
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