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[ft-announce] Announcing FreeType 2.9

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [ft-announce] Announcing FreeType 2.9
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2018 00:38:28 +0100 (CET)

FreeType 2.9 has been released.

It is available from


The latter site also holds older versions of the FreeType library.

See below for the relevant snippet from the CHANGES file.



PS: Downloads from  will redirect to your nearest
    mirror site.   Files on  mirrors may  be subject to  a replication
    delay   of   up   to   24   hours.   In   case   of  problems  use


FreeType 2  is a software  font engine that  is designed to  be small,
efficient,  highly   customizable,  and  portable   while  capable  of
producing high-quality output (glyph images) of most vector and bitmap
font formats.

Note that  FreeType 2 is  a font service  and doesn't provide  APIs to
perform higher-level features, like text layout or graphics processing
(e.g.,  colored  text  rendering,  `hollowing',  etc.).   However,  it
greatly simplifies these tasks by providing a simple, easy to use, and
uniform interface to access the content of font files.

FreeType  2  is  released  under  two open-source  licenses:  our  own
BSD-like FreeType  License and the  GPL.  It can  thus be used  by any
kind of projects, be they proprietary or not.


CHANGES BETWEEN 2.8.1 and 2.9


    - Advance width values of variation fonts were often wrong.

    - More fixes for variation font support; you should update to this
      version if you want to support them.


    - As a GSoC project, Ewald Hew extended the new (Adobe) CFF engine
      to  handle  Type  1  fonts  also,  thus  greatly  improving  the
      rendering of  this format.   This is the  new default.   The old
      engine   is  still   available   if   the  configuration   macro
      `T1_CONFIG_OPTION_OLD_ENGINE'    gets    defined;   using    the
      `hinting-engine' property  of the `type1' driver  module you can
      then switch between the two engines.

    - A new function,  `FT_Set_Named_Instance', can be used  to set or
      change the current named instance.

    - Starting  with   this  FreeType  version,   resetting  variation
      coordinates  will   return  to  the  currently   selected  named
      instance.  Previously, FreeType returned to the base font (i.e.,
      no instance set).


    - The `face_flags' field of the `FT_Face' structure has a new bit,
      `FT_FACE_FLAG_VARIATION', which  is set if a  variation font has
      been      altered      with      `FT_Set_MM_Design_Coordinates',
      `FT_Set_Var_Design_Coordinates',                              or

    - If  the  current  face  is  a  named  instance,  the  new  macro
      `FT_IS_NAMED_INSTANCE' returns true.

    - `FT_IS_VARIATION' is  a new macro  that returns true  whenever a
      face object has  been altered by `FT_Set_MM_Design_Coordinates',
      `FT_Set_Var_Design_Coordinates',                              or

    - Changing  the  design  coordinates  of  a  variation  font  with
      `FT_Set_Var_Design_Coordinates'                               or
      `FT_Set_Var_Blend_Coordinates'  does  not  influence  the  named
      instance index value (only `FT_Set_Named_Instance' does that).

    - Special PostScript  names for named instances  are only returned
      if the  named instance is set  with `FT_Set_Named_Instance' (and
      the font  has corresponding  entries in  its `fvar'  table).  If
      `FT_IS_VARIATION'  returns  true,  the  algorithmically  derived
      PostScript name is provided, not  looking up special entries for
      named instances.

    - A new function  `FT_Done_MM_Var' is provided to  free the memory
      returned in a call to `FT_Get_MM_Var'.

    - On  platforms  using  the   `configure'  script,  the  installed
      `ftoption.h' file  now correctly reflects  configuration options
      like `--with-harfbuzz'.

    - Better  support to  build FreeType  as  a DLL  on Windows  using
      Visual C.

    - All data specific to driver modules is now collected in a single
      file,      `FT_DRIVER_H'.      Consequently,      the     macros
      and `FT_PCF_DRIVER_H' still work but are deprecated.

    - Some fuzzer fixes to better reject malformed fonts.

    - The `ftbench' demo program has a new test for opening a new face
      and loading some glyphs.

    - The `ftbench' demo program has a  new option `-j' to specify the
      last glyph index to be used in the tests.

    - The  `ftgrid' demo  program has  a new  option `-n'  to suppress
      display of named instances of variation fonts.

    - The `ttdebug' demo program can now  show a stack trace (key `K')
      and switch  between hexadecimal and decimal  display of integers
      (key `I').

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