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[ft-announce] FreeType 2.5.2 has been released.

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [ft-announce] FreeType 2.5.2 has been released.
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2014 05:41:08 +0100 (CET)

FreeType 2.5.3 has been released.

It is available from


The latter site also holds older versions of the FreeType library.

See below for the relevant snippet from the CHANGES file; all users
should upgrade.



PS: Downloads from will redirect to your nearest
    mirror site.  Files on mirrors may be subject to a replication
    delay of up to 24 hours.  In case of problems use


FreeType 2  is a software  font engine that  is designed to  be small,
efficient,  highly   customizable,  and  portable   while  capable  of
producing high-quality output (glyph images) of most vector and bitmap
font formats.

Note that  FreeType 2 is  a font service  and doesn't provide  APIs to
perform higher-level features, like text layout or graphics processing
(e.g.,  colored  text  rendering,  `hollowing',  etc.).   However,  it
greatly simplifies these tasks by providing a simple, easy to use, and
uniform interface to access the content of font files.

FreeType  2  is  released  under  two open-source  licenses:  our  own
BSD-like FreeType  License and the  GPL.  It can  thus be used  by any
kind of projects, be they proprietary or not.


CHANGES BETWEEN 2.5.2 and 2.5.3


    - A vulnerability was  identified and fixed in the  new CFF driver
      (cf.;  it doesn't  have a
      CVE number yet).  All users should upgrade.

    - More  bug  fixes related  to  correct  positioning of  composite

    - Many fixes to better protect against malformed input.


    - FreeType can now use the HarfBuzz library to greatly improve the
      auto-hinting of  fonts that  use OpenType features:  Many glyphs
      that are part  of such features but don't have  cmap entries are
      now handled  properly, for  example small caps  or superscripts.
      Define the configuration  macro FT_CONFIG_OPTION_USE_HARFBUZZ to
      activate HarfBuzz support.

      You need HarfBuzz version 0.9.19 or newer.

      Note that HarfBuzz depends on  FreeType; this currently causes a
      chicken-and-egg problem  that can be  solved as follows  in case
      HarfBuzz is not yet installed on your system.

        1. Compile  and  install  FreeType without  the  configuration

        2. Compile and install HarfBuzz.

        3. Define  macro  FT_CONFIG_OPTION_USE_HARFBUZZ, then  compile
           and install FreeType again.

      With FreeType's  `configure' script the procedure  boils down to
      configure, build, and install Freetype, then configure, compile,
      and  install  HarfBuzz,  then configure,  compile,  and  install
      FreeType again (after executing `make distclean').

    - All  libraries FreeType  depends on  are now  checked using  the
      `pkg-config' configuration files  first, followed by alternative

    - The  new  value  `auto'  for the  various  `--with-XXX'  library
      options   (for   example   `--with-harfbuzz=auto')   makes   the
      `configure' script automatically link to the libraries it finds.
      This is now the default.

    - In case FreeType's `configure' script  can't find a library, you
      can  pass environment  variables to  circumvent pkg-config,  and
      those variables  have been  harmonized as  a consequence  of the
      changes mentioned above:

        LIBZ           -> removed; use LIBZ_CFLAGS and LIBZ_LIBS
        LIBBZ2         -> removed; use BZIP2_CFLAGS and BZIP2_LIBS

      `./configure --help' shows all available environment variables.

    - The `freetype-config'  script now understands  option `--static'
      to emit static linking information.

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