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[ft-announce] FreeType 2.4.6 has been released

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [ft-announce] FreeType 2.4.6 has been released
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 06:52:49 +0200 (CEST)

FreeType 2.4.6 has been released.

It is available from


The latter site also holds older versions of the FreeType library.

See below  for the  relevant snippet  from the  CHANGES file; users of
version 2.4.5 should upgrade immediately.




FreeType 2  is a software  font engine that  is designed to  be small,
efficient,  highly   customizable,  and  portable   while  capable  of
producing high-quality output (glyph images) of most vector and bitmap
font formats.

Note that  FreeType 2 is  a font service  and doesn't provide  APIs to
perform higher-level features, like text layout or graphics processing
(e.g.,  colored  text  rendering,  `hollowing',  etc.).   However,  it
greatly simplifies these tasks by providing a simple, easy to use, and
uniform interface to access the content of font files.

FreeType  2  is  released  under  two open-source  licenses:  our  own
BSD-like FreeType  License and the  GPL.  It can  thus be used  by any
kind of projects, be they proprietary or not.


CHANGES BETWEEN 2.4.5 and 2.4.6


    - For TrueType based fonts, the ascender and descender values were
      incorrect sometimes  (off by a pixel if the ppem value was not a
      multiple of 5).   Depending on the use you might now  experience
      a different  layout; the  change should  result in  better, more
      consistent line spacing.

    - Fix CVE-2011-0226  which causes a  vulnerability while  handling
      Type 1 fonts.

    - BDF fonts  containing  glyphs with negative values  for ENCODING
      were  incorrectly  rejected.  This  bug has  been introduced  in
      FreeType version 2.2.0.

    - David Bevan contributed a major revision of the FreeType stroker

      . The behaviour of FT_STROKER_LINEJOIN_BEVEL has been corrected.

      . A new  line join style,  FT_STROKER_LINEJOIN_MITER_FIXED,  has
        been introduced to support PostScript and PDF miter joins.

      . FT_STROKER_LINEJOIN_MITER_VARIABLE  has been introduced  as an
        alias for FT_STROKER_LINEJOIN_MITER.

      . Various stroking glitches has been fixed.


      - SFNT bitmap fonts which contain an outline glyph for `.notdef'
        only no longer set the FT_FACE_FLAG_SCALABLE flag.

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